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Selection of past trainings, publications and research

Forum of Voluntary Services 2019
8 and 9 February 2019 / Berlin / Der Paritätische Gesamtverband

The Paritätischer Gesamtverband is using the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights last year as an opportunity to reflect on and discuss human rights in voluntary services with volunteers working in its structures. Lea Fenner gives an input at the forum.

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Review of our handbook and its sister publication
July 2018 / Das Historisch-Politische Buch

Prof. Dr. Bea Lundt has reviewed our “Change handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education” and its sister publication “Crossing Borders” and chracterises them as mile stones of a much needed innovation process of history learning as an education that enables a global dicourse.


Youth participation in school development
June 2018 / EPIZ Berlin e.V.

How does a good school look like from a student’s perspective? We facilitate workshops with students where they develop concrete proposals for the development of their own school in the context of the “Faire Schule” school development programme by EPIZ.

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Online Girl’s Rights Platform
February 2018 / Plan International and Lucid.Berlin

More than a thousand girl’s rights documents in one place! Plan International has brought relevant conventions and documents by the United Nations and regional bodies together in an online database. On behalf of the strategy and media consultancy Lucid.Berlin we were involved in developing the interactive training tool that allows explore girl’s rights issues and test one’s knowledge. Who is a girl’s rights champion?

Girl’s Rights Platform Girl’s Rights Quiz

Development of a youth consultation
November 2017 / Berlin / Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

We have developed a youth consultation and a field manual for its implementation for the Children’ Rights Coordination Unit of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerks. The consultation forms part of the preparations for the German state report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva.

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Moderation of the 4th Brunswick Youth Conference
23 November 2017 / Brunswick / City of Brunswick

Young citizens of Brunswick will meet under the theme “One city, many ideas, your criticism” in order to develop ideas how to make their city more youth friendly. We are delighted to develop and moderate the preceding online vote and the conference itself.

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Conference contribution on participation of children in consultation processes
20-22 June 2017 / Strasbourg / Council of Europe

The Council of Europe Conference “Learning to live together” is about the future of human rights education. This future will have to be shaped by children’s views too. Else Engel is invited to presented in a workshop her experiences of what it takes to really listen to children and youth in consultation processes.

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Further education seminar “Human Rights Education in School”
19 June 2017 / Berlin / The German Education Union Berlin

On behalf of the German Education Union we offer a further education seminar on human rights education at primary and secondary schools. We will present approaches and materials which you can use to develop or adapt lesson plans for your educational work.

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Seminar “History projects and human rights education”
May 2017 / Müncheberg / Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future

The workshop offers the newly selected projects of the Europeans for Peace programm the opportunity to strengthen human rights aspects in their work. Core will be the discussion of combinations of human rights education and history learning on the issue of discrimination.

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Research with youth on children’s rights in the digital environment
April 2017 / Berlin / Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

We had the pleasure to conduct a research with young people on their opinions on the digital environment, a priority area of the current Council of Europe strategy on children’s rights. Our client, the Deutsches Kinderhilsfwerks, is given the task to implement the strategy in Germany.

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Forum on research and practice into children’s rights
3 October 2016 / Cambridge / Centro de Estudios en Derechos Humanos and University of Cambridge

We are excited to be involved in the development and implementation of the forum “International Perspectives on Practice and Research into Children’s Rights” which is organised by the Mexican Centre for Human Rights together with the Research for Equitable Access and Learning Centre at the University of Cambridge.

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Book Launch and Symposium: Education for Change
29 to 30 September 2016 / Berlin / Freie Universität, HREA, right now, EWC, Falstad Centre

Together with the History Didactics Depart at the Freie Universität Berlin, HREA, the European Wergeland Centre and the Falstad centre we organise the symposium “Education for Change” on combining history learning and human rights education in formal, non-formal and higher education. We will launch and present our new handbook on the same issue at the symposium.

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Introduction to children’s rights in PEKiP group work
24th September 2016 / Stuttgart / PEKiP e.V.

The PEKiP Association in German has chosen children’s rights as their focus theme for the years 2016/17. For the kick-off we are offering an advanced training on children’s rights in educational practice for the facilitators of PEKiP groups who are working with parents and their children during the first year of life.

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Workshop „Strengthening Children – Sensitising Parents“
July 6th 2016 / Strausberg / AWO Landesverband Brandenburg e.V.

How can parents be sensitised for children’s rights and how can institutions work together with parents on children’s rights issues? Lea Fenner will explore these questions together with kindergarten educators and professionals and family support organisations. The workshop is part of the symposium “Children’s rights – Let’s be honest (Hand aufs Herz)!“.

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Workshop on human rights activism at the Youth Congress 2016
May 22nd 2016 / Berlin / Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance (BfDT)

Together with the participants ofthe Youth Congress 2016 we will explore the relevance of human rights in their lifes and communities. Building on that we will develop approaches and strategies that the young people can apply in order to strengthen the respect for their human rights and of the people around them.

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Seminar with history teacher students
October 2015 to February 2016 / Freie Universität Berlin

This semester the history didactics institute of the Freie Universtiät Berlin offers the seminar and tutorial on “human rights edcation and history learning”. For and with the students we created the introductory session on human rights education. We are looking forward to supporting the students in developing their own educational methods and materials.

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Workshop on how NGOs can support human rights
May 21 2015 / Bündnis für Demokratie und Toleranz (BfDT)

Not all NGOs feature human rights in their title, yet they are dedicated to human rights issues such as non-discrimination and participation. Together with young actvists at the youth congress 2015 of the BfDT we will work out concrete steps that NGOs can take in order to support these human rights issues by means of the human rights system of the United Nations.

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Apply now for online course on combining history learning and human rights education
May 13 to June 23 2015/ HREA, FU Berlin, right now

Apply now for the pilot course “Change: Combining History Learning and Human Rights Education” offered by HREA in cooperation with the FU Berlin and right now. The six week online course is directed at educators in formal, non-formal and higher education (teacher training) and provides an introduction to a new handbook on the issue. The application deadline is May 10.

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Moderation of forum on children out of place and resilience
Oct 28 2014 / Freie Universität Berlin / Berlin

In memory of Judith Ennew the M.A. in Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights at the Freie Universität Berlin organised an international symposium on ‘Children out of Place and Human Rights’. Else Engel moderated the forum on extreme forms of children out of place and resilience.

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Kinderrechte an der Grundschule
27. März 2014 / Berlin / Carl-von-Linné-Schule für Körperbehinderte

Der Sachunterricht an der Grundschule greift verschiedenste kinderrechtliche Themen auf, auch wenn diese nicht immer explizit genannt werden. Wo genau gibt es also Anknüpfungspunkte? Auf welche handlungsbezogenen Methoden und Materialien kann im Unterricht zurückgegriffen werden? Diesen Fragen gingen wir in einer Fortbildung mit Lehrerinnen und Lehrern einer Berliner Grundschule nach.

Menschenrechtsbasiertes Lehren und Lernen an der Berufsschule
2. und 3. Januar 2014 / Hamburg / Hamburger Stiftung für Wirtschaftsethik

Was macht Menschenrechtsbildung aus? Welche menschenrechtlichen Kriterien werden an den Unterricht gestellt? Diesen Fragen gingen wir mit angehenden Berufsschullehrer_innen nach. Der Workshop war Teil eines Seminars, welches die Hamburger Stiftung für Wirtschaftsethik an der Universität Hamburg anboten hat.

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Learning the Language of Democracy with Betzavta
September 30 – October 4 2013 / Copenhagen / Mellem Education

How can we live human rights, their ideas and principles such as dignity, equality and freedom? The international training introduced multipliers working with young people to the methodology of Betzavta. Betzavta teaches participation through an experiential learning process which involves reflecting on one’s own roles and responsibilities within the dynamics of a group.

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Inklusion und der eigene Arbeitsplatz
Aug + Sept 2013 / Berlin / Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung

Was bedeutet Inklusion in Bezug auf (die eigene) Arbeit? Dieser Frage zur Teilhabe von Menschen mit Behinderungen gingen wir in einer internen Mitarbeiter_innenfortbildung nach. „Inklusion“ war das Jahresthema der Diakonie Deutschland, die damit zu einer Auseinandersetzung mit Fragen zu einer inklusiven Gesellschaft anregen wollte.

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Menschenrechte auf dem Tag der Talente 2013
8. September 2013 / Berlin / Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Welche Menschenrechte gibt es, wie sieht es mit deren Umsetzung aus und wie kann ich aktiv für diese eintreten? Diesen Fragen gingen wir mit Preisträger_innen der Jugendwettbewerbe des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung nach. Am Beispiel der Rechte von Menschen mit Behinderungen ging es in dem Workshop um das Thema Inklusion.

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Kindgerechte Justiz: Beteiligung von Kindern in Gerichtsverfahren
21. August 2013 / Blossin / Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte

Die Menschenrechtsakademie des Deutschen Instituts für Menschenrechte widmete sich in diesem Jahr dem Schwerpunktthema Kinderrechte. Lea Fenner war eingeladen, den Teilnehmenden einen Input zu den Rechten und Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten von Kindern in Gerichtsverfahren zu geben.

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Menschenrechte in Unterricht und Schule
21.-23. Juni 2013 / Münster / Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft

Schulen sind essenzielle Akteure bei der Umsetzung der Menschenrechte. Gemeinsam mit den angehenden Lehrer_innen des StudienKollegs der Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft haben wir zu inhaltlichen und methodischen Aspekten des Unterrichts zu Menschenrechen wie auch Fragen der Gestaltung von Schule und Schulalltag nach menschenrechtlichen Kriterien gearbeitet.

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Getting to Know Human Rights
November 26 2012 / Berlin / Bundeskoordination der UNESCO-Projektschulen

Together with students from UNESCO associated schools in Germany we discussed basic human rights terminology, principles and issues. The workshop formed part of the preparation of a student delegation to an international conference on human rights in Winnipeg, Canada.

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