Training for Teachers

Human rights are of central importance to teaching, school management and the teaching profession. At the same time, education plays a key function in realising human rights. It is our pleasure to work with you on strategies of how to implement human rights in the school context.

Our expertise

For teachers and school administrators we offer the following training modules:

  •    Human rights education:
        •    Approach, methods and development of materials
        •    In the school curriculum
        •    At vocational training colleges
  •    Human rights in school management and daily life
  •    The right to education: content and implementation
  •    Inclusion and human rights: school and lesson design
  •    Children’s rights in class and school
  •    History Learning and human rights eduation in combination
  •    Participation and complaint mechanisms at school
  •    Non-discrimination: Embracing diversity

The modules can be combined or focused on specific issues according to your requirements and interests. We would be delighted to provide you with an offer that takes into account the desired duration and the expected number of participants.

We conduct trainings across Europe and beyond in English and German. We offer to conduct the trainings by using the cooperative methodology of team-teaching which allows for a greater variety of expertise, perspectives and methods.
We also offer consultancy and research on the above-mentioned issues as well as the design of educational materials and the conceptualisation of educational activities and events.

We invite you to contact contact us if you are interested in other topics and formats or have questions about our services.