Else Engel und Lea Fennerright now is an initiative of the trainers and consultants Else Engel and Lea Fenner. The focus of our work is on human rights education and children’s rights.

Whenever possible, we work as a pair. This enables us to provide a wide range of subjects, experiences and skills and by team teaching we offer participants an individual learning environment.

Professional experience

In the past years we have worked for a number of Human Rights organisations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, terre des hommes, UNESCO, the European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights and the German Institute for Human Rights. We provide an overview over our present work and clients under news and references.


We are members of the BundesNetzwerk Kinder- und Jugendbeteiligung, the Bündnis Bildung für eine demokratische Gesellschaft and the Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network.


We hold university degrees in History, Geography, Cultural Studies, Education and Sociology and completed the European Master in Children’s Rights. In addition we have studied Peace and Conflict Studies. Within the framework of our studies in Education we have comprehensive training in didactics.

Advanced training

We took part in a “Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education” by the Council of Europe and in the further education course “Global Education: the Human Rights Dimension” by the Nort-South Centre and The Network University. To further our expertise on specific human rights we completed a course on the topic of the “Inclusion of People with Disabilities as a Human Right” by the German Institute for Human Rights. In addition, we are a qualified Betzavta trainer.

Furthermore we have advanced training in project management, in consultancy process and project cycles of systemic project management as well as in press relations and advocacy.

“I was delighted to hear about this new project. Human rights education matters, not least because it informs also children and youth about their rights and helps them to claim these rights. The project is in the hands of two competent women, whom I got to know as committed and talented students of our European Master in Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights. I wish their project a positive response.”

Prof. Dr. Manfred Liebel

Head of the European Master in Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights and director of the Institute for International Studies in Childhood and Youth, International Academy for Innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics (INA) at the Freie Universität Berlin