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Review of our handbook and its sister publication
July 2018 / Das Historisch-Politische Buch

Prof. Dr. Bea Lundt has reviewed our “Change handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education” and its sister publication “Crossing Borders” and chracterises them as mile stones of a much needed innovation process of history learning as an education that enables a global dicourse.


We are now members of the DARE network
June 2018 / Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network

We are proud and excited to be members of the international network and we are looking forward to exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues and to conduct joint human rights education projects.

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Youth participation in school development
June 2018 / EPIZ Berlin e.V.

How does a good school look like from a student’s perspective? We facilitate workshops with students where they develop concrete proposals for the development of their own school in the context of the “Faire Schule” school development programme by EPIZ.

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New publication on children’s rights in research and practice
April 2018 / Centre for Human Rights Studies Mexico (CEDH Mx)

Our colleagues at CEDH Mx have published an anthology with different expert voices on children’s rights in research and practice. We had the pleasure to support the forum in Cambridge where these ideas were first presented in 2016.

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Our Change Approach serves as an inspiration
March 2018 / Prospects – Comparative Journal of Curriculum, Learning, and Assessment

Professor Meenakshi Chhabra writes that she used our Change Approach in order to develop her model for combining human rights education and history learning. We are delighted to learn that ideas in our “Change Handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education” serve as an inspiration and are being further developed!

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Online Girl’s Rights Platform
February 2018 / Plan International and Lucid.Berlin

More than a thousand girl’s rights documents in one place! Plan International has brought relevant conventions and documents by the United Nations and regional bodies together in an online database. On behalf of the strategy and media consultancy Lucid.Berlin we were involved in developing the interactive training tool that allows explore girl’s rights issues and test one’s knowledge. Who is a girl’s rights champion?

Girl’s Rights Platform    Girl’s Rights Quiz

Development of a youth consultation
November 2017 / Berlin / Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

We have developed a youth consultation and a field manual for its implementation for the Children’ Rights Coordination Unit of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerks. The consultation forms part of the preparations for the German state report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva.

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Moderation of the 4th Brunswick Youth Conference
23 November 2017 / Brunswick / City of Brunswick

Young citizens of Brunswick will meet under the theme “One city, many ideas, your criticism” in order to develop ideas how to make their city more youth friendly. We are delighted to develop and moderate the preceding online vote and the conference itself.

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Review of our Change Handbook published  Change_Cover
October 2017 / Journal Intercultural Education

Almost exactly a year after the launch of our “Change Handbook for History Learning and Human Rights Education” a review by Thomas Nygren in the journal Intercultural Education has been published. We are delighted to learn about the impressions and commentary by such a knowledgeable voice!


Conference contribution on participation of children in consultation processes
20-22 June 2017 / Strasbourg / Council of Europe

The Council of Europe Conference “Learning to live together” is about the future of human rights education. This future will have to be shaped by children’s views too. Else Engel is invited to presented in a workshop her experiences of what it takes to really listen to children and youth in consultation processes.

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Further education seminar “Human Rights Education in School”
19 June 2017 / Berlin / The German Education Union Berlin

On behalf of the German Education Union we offer a further education seminar on human rights education at primary and secondary schools. We will present approaches and materials which you can use to develop or adapt lesson plans for your educational work.

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Seminar “History projects and human rights education”
May 2017 / Müncheberg / Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future

The workshop offers the newly selected projects of the Europeans for Peace programm the opportunity to strengthen human rights aspects in their work. Core will be the discussion of combinations of human rights education and history learning on the issue of discrimination.

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Research with youth on children’s rights in the digital environment
April 2017 / Berlin / Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

We had the pleasure to conduct a research with young people on their opinions on the digital environment, a priority area of the current Council of Europe strategy on children’s rights. Our client, the Deutsches Kinderhilsfwerks, is given the task to implement the strategy in Germany.

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Seminars for teachers at children’s rights schools
2016-18 / Germany / Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

On behalf of the children’s rights organisation Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk we conduct further education seminars for teachers on implementing children’s rights at primary schools. The schools take part in the children’s rights schools project of the organisation, a year-long programme for realising children’s rights in the class room and the school community.

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