Our approach

Our approach is founded in human rights education and incorporates elements of peace education as well as ethical, political and intercultural education. Through our tailored educational activities, we pass on knowledge, encourage reflection on attitudes and actions and enable the development of personal and organisational competences.


Together with the participants we create participative and practice-orientated learninge processes. We offer support in the concrete identification, communication and implementation of human rights norms and principles in professional, sociopolitical and community settings. Creative and innovative methods enable a cooperative learning process that integrates the personal experience of the participants.


Our services are targeted towards organisations, schools and other educational institutions as well as companies that are working or want to work in the field of human rights. We offer our educational services across Europe and beyond in English and German.

Our offer

Learner specific education

We know the context of every education programme is unique. We therefore offer individually designed trainings on human rights issues tailored to the needs and interest of the group of learners and the objectives of the organisers.

To learn more about our training offer please select the relevant learner group:


The format of the courses can be tailored to suite your needs, and include

  •   Workshops and seminars
  •   Continuing education courses
  •   Lectures

If you plan to conduct the trainings yourself but you need support and inspiration in preparing them we offer the following services:

  •   Development of teaching and learning materials
  •   Conceptual design of educational activities or events
  •   Design of participatory and inclusive conferences

We also offer consultancy and research on human rights issues.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services or if you have any questions.

“Human rights education and intercultural education are closely connected. They provide complementary perspectives on essential issues of societal interaction, such as equal participation and non-discrimination. The trainings developed by Else Engel and Lea Fenner are therefore a valuable contribution to a plural society where difference is recognised and everyone’s dignity and rights are respected.”

Prof. Dr. Viola Georgi